Import Business

We import of shelf stable food mainly for business use.
Import of liquor for consumer use.

Canned, Salt Preserved or Dried Farm Products, Stock Farm Products, Fruits,
Marine Products Etc., and Food Oil

EC Business

We sell consumer goods on our online store.

Wine and Olive Oil

Our Strength

Great selection of items

We import various items from around the world. We assort foods that can be used by any kind of cuisine such as Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine.


We consider it is primary that we regularly go to the actual place and communicate with producers to see the quality and production status for ourselves.

Product development capability

Supplying new items that will be accepted in the market is our mission. To meet the needs of our customer, we also make an effort for developing new products.




Early Crop Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Torre Oria

Red wine and Cava